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I quite enjoy listening to players banter at the tables and thought that I would post the funnier and/or wittier ones that I hear. The first is from someone you would not expect: Allen Cunningham at the 2008 WSOP. As you see in the pic, Allen had trip Q’s against his opponents fullhouse. The other guy was so nervous he was visibly shaking when he made a value bet on the river. Allen thought briefly before eventually folding and quipping “I  wanted to think for longer but I did not want you to die!” ROFL. He doesn’t say much, but when he does it is usually on the money.


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I was once on the right end of quads over quads. This hand is sicker than that. This is from the first epidose of the 2008 Main Event on ESPN:

Apparently the odds of that happening are 1 in 2.7 billion!

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Most of you probably know about this now. Here is a nice compilation of the ‘highlights’ of the 2008 WSOP HORSE final table. Scotty Nguyen is drunk and out of control. Bad behaviour, but wow is it compelling viewing!

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Well I am toughing it out at the moment…really struggling. Looking over my post about WCG|Rider is helping because over the last 17,000 hands I have been going nowhere. My bankroll has been fluctuating between $400 and $450 over that time….at least I haven’t had a big downturn. It is just very frustrating when every 1,000 session you have coolers and suckouts preventing you from going forward. In the last session it was my set of Jacks going in all on the turn when my opponent had 2:1 pot odds calling with a flush draw and 7 outs…..guess whether he hit!

It is exactly for these periods of difficulty that I am writing this variance series. Preventing tilt is vital to becoming a winning poker player, and unfortunately I haven’t mastered this yet. I have definitely improved but I still have tilt tendencies that results in major leaks holding back the winrate.

One thing that I would like to do in this series on variance is comment on what the pros have to say about variance and bad runs. How do they cope with it? Well, perhaps some of them don’t cope with it that well. Have a look at this’blogfessional’ (on www.pokerroad.com) of Eugene Todd Bro.

This is recorded during the 2008 WSOP..he is a bit frustrated..and realise that he is actually a bit ahead thus far having had a good cash. As he mentions, there are many players who thus far  who haven’t cashed at all, including Phil Ivey (we are up to Event 38).

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A bit belated but congratulations to Daniel Negreanu, my favourite player, who won event #20 at the 2008 WSOP ($2000 Limit Holdem) to capture his 4th WSOP bracelet. His last bracelet was in the same event 4 years ago.

It has been a good week for Negreanu money wise. He won just over $200,000 for winning the event, however he won another $200,00 from Phil Ivey from an ongoing bet between the two which is basically $200,00 for each bracelet in events they both play in. Add to this $55,000 that he won from a golf game earlier this week with a partner against Patrick Antonius (and partner), and a bonus $100,000 in another bet against…..Phil Ivey again!!!. That is over half a million dollars in 3 days………..not bad going.

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WSOP 2008 has started!

Exciting times if you are in Vegas right now. The 2008 World Series of Poker event has started at the Rio.

Yes, I know, a few years old, but hey…..good Aussie memories.

The first event is the $10,000 Pot Limit Holdem Event, which emphasises one of the changes for this year; an increase in $10,000 events meaning less number of players but higher quality and less likelihood that Phil Hellmuth will win!

For those of us who have a real job and grind out at 5c/10c a few nights a week, and are not in Vegas, there are plenty of resources online to monitor what is happening.

Firstly, there is the official WSOP site at www.wsop.com. This site so far seems to be having a daily video update, but it looks like some of the tournaments (starting with event #7) will be able to be viewed live (at least the TV table maybe).

Pokernews.com again has exclusive onsite reporting rights and I am just hoping that Tiffany Michelle is again the video host.

Edit: I am very excited…..Michelle Tiffany is back!!!!!!!!!

Pokerroad continue to enhance their offerings, the highlight being the regular Poker Road Radio shows with Joe Sebok, Ali Nejad and Gavin Smith. Just as a quick aside, Pokerroad, your homepage is getting way too cluttered! Keep it simple.

As a Negreanu fan ( he is already out of event #1!), I will be following his blog, video blog and forum where he posts live updates from his phone.

Of the other major online sites there is cardplayer.com and bluffmagazine.com but it is not yet clear to me what additional goodies they are going to offer. I guess the former will have a few videos like the Matusow regulars plus interviews with players offsite.

I am sure that as time goes on I will find other online resources and the plan is to add them here.

If you are lucky enough to be playing an event or events, good luck!

I will make it there one day!

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For those of you who haven’t heard, a decision has been made to play the 2008 WSOP final table 3 months after the final 9 players are decided!!

Harrahs’ said that “the 16-week gap between the “end” of this summer’s WSOP and the main event’s conclusion in November will give the players an “unprecedented opportunity to capture the world’s attention” with the help of ESPN and the world’s media outlets. He believes it will help create buzz by giving poker fans the opportunity to speculate on who will win the main event while it’s being broadcast, instead of talking about who already won.”

The first time I heard of this I immediately thought of the TV show Survivor, where the winner is decided usually months later in a studio in front of a live audience, and I think broadcast on live TV. Next I thought of Daniel Negreanu, who is a big fan of survivor, but also a member of the WSOP Player Advisory Council (PAC). Indeed, he is a supporter of the delayed final table as expressed in 2 blog posts since the announcement: The WSOP Blockbuster News Story, and Harrah’s and the WSOP.

In Survivor, the participants have had time to clean up, put on weight and usually look almost unrecognizable when they shoot the last episode. The same will happen in the WSOP Main Event; the final table participants will not only look different, but likely they will play very differently as well with the opportunity to ‘get trained’. After all, they will be playing for what will most likely be more than $6 million. Who knows, they might even play well!

I don’t think this is a bad thing. Obviously a means to increase profits, I think it has a great chance to increase the profile of poker. Certainly these 9 players will become celebritys, and I imagine most of them will have gained a contract with a poker site before the final table is played out. As Daniel says, if it doesn’t work, they can always go back to the old method the following year.

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