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To summarize this post, after 2 years of using Poker Office, I am now changing to Pokertracker!!

Let me make it very clear that both of these programs are excellent. There was no reason why I used Poker Office first. I was very impressed with it and until yesterday had not even tried Pokertracker even though I think it is more generally used than Poker Office.

As you will see on their site, the Beta version of Pokertracker 3 is now available and can be downloaded and used for free. I used it yesterday and was very impressed. I can’t compare version 3 to version 2 as I never used the latter. However I can compare Pokertracker 3 to Poker Office. Why am I changing?

1. Poker Office is a java-based program and uses a lot of computer resources. I find that at times, Poker Office just locks up, especially when your database gets large.

2. I find the importing of hands easier in Pokertracker.

3. Pokertracker 3 has very nice interface; Poker Office is not bad..perhaps I am just after a change.

4. I think the reporting of statistics and graphs is handled better in Pokertracker. Again, not by a lot and I need some more playing around.

5. The new Pokertracker has the HUD facility built into the software, rather than as an add on. I think that Poker Office is a bit ahead here. It has always (at least in the last couple of years) had a built-in overlay where you see the stats of each player on the table. What it also had which Pokertracker doesn’t (I think; maybe I am missing it), is an overlay of the current pot odds and the ability to list the odds of making your outs. If you have played a bit you should be able to calculate pot odds quickly. Also, if you play live it is good practice to not have that spoon-fed to you. But calculating the odds of hitting outs is a bit more taxing and if you are multi-tabling with only a few seconds to make a decision, it obviously is a great help.

6. One minor gripe I have with both is that if you change your position on the table, the overlay stats don’t change accordingly.

7. At this stage anyway, Pokertracker can only track hands from 3 sites; Pokerstars, Party Poker and Full Tilt. I am sure this will change. Poker Office claims coverage from 170 sites.

So when the full version of Pokertracker is released, I will be investing in it. But I am fickle, and if a Poker Office 3 is released, and it shows significant improvement, especially with performance which is my main gripe, then I can always go back!



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