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The first clue was that he was Supernova VIP on Pokerstars. I think it must be impossible to be a Supernova VIP and play no higher than 25NL. With the new labelling system on Pokerstars you can configure the client to show  your VIP status. You occasionally see a Platinum Star player, but until now I had not seen a Supernova.

The second clue were his stats: VPIP 28, PFR 27, 3BetPreflop 18%!, Attempt to Steal 38%.

He was sitting two to my right..not ideal, but I noticed how he was playing. Despite usually trying to avoid good players, I stayed at the table and hoped to hit a good hand to trap him. His post-flop play is what I aspire to….Over 59 hands he was up 3/4 of a buyin and only had one showdown where he lost a small pot. That means his winnings were all from aggressive pre and post flop play resulting in his opponents folding.

This is my tangle with him when I finally picked up a hand. He is Villain 2 and he plays by the name B Buddy.

Seat 1: Villain 1 ($18.05 in chips)
Seat 2: Villain 2 ($33.70 in chips)
Seat 3: Villain 3 ($16.30 in chips) –
Seat 4: Villain 4 ($22.35 in chips) –
Seat 6: Hero ($25 in chips) –
Villain 4 posts small blind $0.10
Hero posts BIG blind $0.25
Dealt To: Hero
FOLD Villain 1
RAISE Villain 2 ($0.75)
CALL Villain 3 ($0.75)
FOLD Villain 4
RAISE Hero ($2.25)
CALL Villain 2 ($1.50)
FOLD Villain 3
Pot: $5.6
BET Hero ($3.50)
CALL Villain 2 ($3.50)
Pot: $12.6
CHECK Villain 2
Pot: $12.6
BET Villain 2 ($11)
Villain 2 collected $11.75 from main pot

So he floated me on the flop, then when I timidly checked on the river, he bet pot. I was so tempted to call here. The river is a great scare card. His style of play has me ahead many times here imho, but I elected to fold with two overcards and a flush on the board. Any comments? This is all about playing the player. Of course against a tight nitty player this is an easy fold.

Here is a hand I found on 2+2 where B Buddy is playing slightly higher stakes!!!!

Seat 1: B Buddy ($4162.40 in chips)
Seat 2: mMagic_cards ($4372 in chips)
Seat 3: Telefonkiosk ($6238 in chips) –
Seat 4: J-FRANK ($5547 in chips) –
Seat 7: bet2win ($8432 in chips) –
Seat 8: strassa2 ($8672 in chips)
Seat 9: thebruiser ($4925 in chips)
J-FRANK posts small blind $25
bet2win posts big blind $50
CALL strassa2 ($50)
FOLD thebruiser
RAISE B Buddy ($4162.40) – All in
FOLD mMagic_cards
FOLD Telefonkiosk
FOLD bet2win
CALL strassa2 ($4112.40)
Pot: $8399.8
Pot: $8399.8
Pot: $8399.8
B Buddy:
B Buddy collected $8396.8 from main pot


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Warning: double bad beat story. But I need some sympathy!!

Lost 8 buyins in 3 days.

Lost 5 buyins on Saturday…combination of coolers and tilt. Broke my rules…very undisciplined. Was in a bad mood, tired and should not have even played. Went passed my 2 buyin stop loss (which I established for this reason)…very bad.

Session yesterday unbelievable.

Was having bad session with a bunch of what I call mini-coolers (mainly under pocket pairs) as well as big draws which kept missing and getting called down light. Was down 2 buyins and was going to leave this time but won one buyin back with AA v KK (at last!). Stayed a bit longer but getting tired so was winding down. I was  about to leave the last 2 tables.  I usually played extremely tight in this situation only playing premium hands, when I got dealt KK and AA in consecutive hands (one on each table)! Look what happened:

Hand 1

Quick summary: Dealt KK, I decided to call a reraise rather than reraise (mainly to hide my hand). On a harmless looking low card (but flushy) flop we end up all-in. Opponent had JJ…turn J! Lost 1 buy-in.

Hand 2

Seat 1: Hero ($29.75 in chips) –
Seat 2: Villain 1 ($52.15 in chips) –
Seat 3: Villain 2 ($14 in chips) –
Seat 4: Villain 3 ($38 in chips)
Seat 5: Villain 4 ($22.25 in chips)
Seat 6: Villain 5 ($67.55 in chips)
Villain 1 posts small blind $0.10
Villain 2 posts big blind $0.25
Dealt To: Hero
RAISE Villain 3 ($0.75)
FOLD Villain 4
RAISE Villain 5 ($1.50)
RAISE Hero ($4.50)
CALL Villain 1 ($4.40)
FOLD Villain 2
RAISE Villain 3 ($38) – All in
FOLD Villain 5
CALL Hero ($25.25) – All in (Pot Odds: 1.96:1)
CALL Villain 1 ($33.50)
Pot: $108.25
Pot: $108.25
Pot: $108.25
Villain 1:
MUCK Villain 3
Villain 1 collected $16.5 from side pot 1
Villain 1 collected $88 from main pot


AA (me) v KK v  45s(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) allin preflop. The 45s guy was hyperaggressive and he was last in the pot (ie not a semibluff-type allin)! Runner runner flush on river.

These 2 hands had total pots of $159..

If I won these 2 hands I am down 2 buyins over 3 days rather than 8.

I feel that this crap has been happening all year. Sometimes I hate this game and am sure that I could not do it as a career. If you include the hand in this post ( ), that is a swing of $241 in just 3 hands this month where I was favourite.

To me these 2 hands are analagous to Obama going into the election with an 8 point lead, the Republicans just winning, McCain having a heart attack on the day and whammo…Sarah Palin is President.

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One of the amazing things about online poker is that you can watch the best in the world go at it for huge sums of money. Occasionally I check out the high stakes cash games on Fulltilt and just watch these guys play (and dream!). I just had a look tonight, and sure enough, none other than Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius and David Benyamine were playing 3 handed on the $500/$1000 NL table. PA was sitting with over $600,000, DA $200,000 and PI $150,000. So whilst I struggle with knowing what to do with my draw hands, here is how to do it at high stakes:

Full Tilt – No Limit Holdem – CASH ($500/$1000)

Table: ‘RailHeaven’

Seat 3: Patrik Antonius ($608,466.50 in chips) –
Seat 4: David Benyamine ($217,982.50 in chips) –
Seat 5: Phil Ivey ($175,454 in chips) –
Patrik Antonius posts small blind $500
David Benyamine posts big blind $1000
RAISE Phil Ivey ($3000)
RAISE Patrik Antonius ($10000)
CALL David Benyamine ($9000)
FOLD Phil Ivey
Pot: $23000
BET Patrik Antonius ($16000)
RAISE David Benyamine ($49000)
RAISE Patrik Antonius ($170000)
RAISE David Benyamine ($207982.50) – All in
CALL Patrik Antonius ($37982.50)
Pot: $438965
Pot: $438965
David Benyamine:
Patrik Antonius:
Patrik Antonius collected $438964 from main pot with a straight, Ace high
Total pot: $438965
Rake: $1
Final Board:
Seat 3: Patrik Antonius small blind showed [Qc Kc] and won 438,964 with a straight, Ace high – Net Gain/Loss: ($220982.00)
Seat 4: David Benyamine big blind showed [9c Tc] and lost with a pair of Tens – Net Gain/Loss: ($-217982.00)
Seat 5: Phil Ivey button folded before the Flop – Net Gain/Loss: ($ -3000.00)

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And I failed miserably!!!!!

I believe that my game has gone to a new level this month….it is just that I am not seeing the results yet. More on this in another post.

I had worked my way up to a 4 buyin profit this month after a lot of ups and downs. However I just got hammered in the last two sessions so now I am down 2 buyins.

In the last sessions every bad luck situation that could come up happened. I lost set under set, flush under flush, straight under straight, AQ v AK, JJ v QQ. It wasn’t that I was monstered in each hand, my opponents always had the slightly better hand. Grrrr.

Then the following happened. The villain was on my right and was playing as a bully (stats: VPIP 41; PFR 30   ). Playing very aggressive and getting very lucky such that he had a huge stack. I was waiting for the right spot to get him. Then the right spot  happened…..

Poker Stars – No Limit Holdem – CASH ($0.1/$0.25)

Table: ‘Terpsichore IV’

Seat 1: Villain 1 ($31.10 in chips) –
Seat 2: Villain 2 ($28.05 in chips)
Seat 3: Villain 3 ($12.70 in chips)
Seat 4: Villain 4 ($134.30 in chips)
Seat 5: Hero ($42.20 in chips)
Seat 6: Villain 5 ($28.05 in chips) –
Villain 5 posts small blind $0.10
Villain 1 posts big blind $0.25
Dealt To: Hero
FOLD Villain 2
FOLD Villain 3
RAISE Villain 4 ($1)
RAISE Hero ($3)
FOLD Villain 5
FOLD Villain 1
CALL Villain 4 ($2)
Pot: $6.35
CHECK Villain 4
BET Hero ($3.50)
RAISE Villain 4 ($7)
RAISE Hero ($39.20) – All in
CALL Villain 4 ($32.20)
Pot: $88.25
Pot: $88.25
Villain 4:
Villain 4 collected $81.75 from main pot

So i had KK, he called my 3bet with 35 suited, then he called my almost 2 buyin all-in with middle pair and no draw except for a backdoor str8 draw!!!!

I was so upset by this (ie on tilt) hand that I stopped immediately and didn’t play at all on saturday.

TIme to regroup. As I mentioned, my game has gone to a new level after a lot of reading, viewing videos and experimenting. I have made a big adjustment to my postflop game…more on this soon. The result is a big improvement in my Won without showdown stat. Now if only the odds would hold up for me in Won at showdown pots!!

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September was a struggle!

After a good August, I came back down to earth during September. Nevertheless, I feel good about my progress and am looking to pushing forward for the rest of the year.

Here are my results summarised:

September 2008

September 2008

Here are some comments in point form:

1. Played 20,260 hands. After being down 7 buyins at one stage, I ended up being down slightly under one buyin: -$22.35.

2. I played at VP$IP 14.7 and PFR 10. I am such a nit; more on this later!

3. My high pairs had a bad September at least partly accounting for my bad month. My win rate with AA was 383 BB/100 hands (overall it is 500BB/100 hands) and KK 226 BB/100 hannds (usually 350). I was all in preflop with KK 3 times running into AA, and not once had the reverse situation.

4. My flopped set rate was only slightly under average; with my 819 pocket pairs I flopped 93 sets compared to the predicted 99.

5. After going up 2 buyins early, I had a prolonged bad run that lasted 10,000 hands. I had a lot of coolers (e.g KK v AA x 3) and bad beats during this period that tested my tilt tendencies, and I didn’t always cope well! 3 buyins are accounted for by one hand where I was rivered by a one outer.

6. However, despite these results I am feeling good. I have done a lot of reading, and I have joined a tuition site (Cardrunners) which I am finding very helpful. I clearly have many leaks but my 3 major ones are: a. I play too tight for a 6Max game;  b. I struggle completely with the concept of 3 betting and c. my postflop play needs a lot of improvement.  I am working on these and hope to take my game to the next level from here.

7. My bankroll is still healthy and I am within 19 buyins from moving up. When my bankroll hits $1500 I am playing 25c/50c. Only a few months ago i was struggling with $208 playing 5c/10c so I am feeling confident. I am thinking 2 levels per year, which means that by the end of next year I will have a bankroll of $6000 and will be ready to move up to $1/$2 NL.

Good luck in October all!

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I have now been playing poker online for 2 years. I bought in for $50 vowing to never put any more money in. Well I did break this, not because I went broke, but because I thought I would take advantage of the Pokerstars offer in July where you get a 40% bonus up to $600 for further deposits. I put in $250 to get a $100 bonus which I have now qualified for. Additionally, I have now qualified to become a Silver VIP allowing me to cash in FPPs for another $100.

I started the month with just over $500 coming off a bad end to July. With a $300.45 win plus the $200 bonus my bankroll is now over $1000 for the first time! August  2008 has clearly been my most lucrative month so far. And my bankroll is $700 above what I have put in.

Some of my stats and comments are as follows:

1. 15, 194 hand. Won $300.45 (just over 12 buyins) at 3.95 BB/100 hands.

2. The month was clearly split into 2: after the first ~ 9,000 hands I was even; however I went on the hot run I have been waiting for with a 12 buyin streak over the last 6,000 hands (~10 BB/100 hands). Here is the graph from Pokertracker:

Results for August 2008

Results for August 2008

I am thinking more that your results with pocket AA’s and how many times you flop sets plays a large part in swings either way. Therefore:

3.  I won $318 (ie more than my monthly win!) with AA. The W$SD with AA was 80.95% (compared to ~70% over 80,000 + hands since April) at a win-rate of 883 BB/100 hands (compared to 500BB/100 hands since April).

4. For the first month this year (ie since using Pokertracker in April) I flopped more sets than predicted. I flopped 84 sets with my 674 pocket pairs which is 1 in 8.0 (compared to predicted 1 in 8.3). My win rate with flopped sets in August was 914.76 BB/100 hands which is very similar to my average since April (1002 BB/100 hands). Despite the good ‘flopped sets’ month, I still have a lot of catching up to do! Since using pokertracker in April, I have flopped 389 sets with my 3641 pocket pairs at 1 in 9.4. If I had flopped the predicted 1 in 8.3 I would have flopped 439 sets …… I am 50 sets behind still!!!!

5. Despite my feeling that I have not had a good year (even with my August result), the reality is that I have won 4 out of 5 months. July was the only losing month.

6. Last point is a comment rather than a stat. Using a 2 buyin stop loss has definitely been a useful introduction… it is a great tilt-buster.

Good luck in September all!

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Just a quick update. August has been good to me so far. After 12,000 hands I am up almost 9 buy-ins.

My bankroll is currently $767, however I am only about 1,500 hands away from a $100 bonus, then another 1,000 hands away from becoming a Silver Star VIP. That will allow me to cash in my FPPs for another $100. Then I only need to play about another 5,000 hands to get another $50. So technically my bankroll is actually over $1,000 for the first time!

I can’t wait until I analyse my stats at the end of the month; I will give a full update here, including graphs. I have been flopping sets left, right and centre to make up for the drought I had in June and July.


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