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Warning: double bad beat story. But I need some sympathy!!

Lost 8 buyins in 3 days.

Lost 5 buyins on Saturday…combination of coolers and tilt. Broke my rules…very undisciplined. Was in a bad mood, tired and should not have even played. Went passed my 2 buyin stop loss (which I established for this reason)…very bad.

Session yesterday unbelievable.

Was having bad session with a bunch of what I call mini-coolers (mainly under pocket pairs) as well as big draws which kept missing and getting called down light. Was down 2 buyins and was going to leave this time but won one buyin back with AA v KK (at last!). Stayed a bit longer but getting tired so was winding down. I was  about to leave the last 2 tables.  I usually played extremely tight in this situation only playing premium hands, when I got dealt KK and AA in consecutive hands (one on each table)! Look what happened:

Hand 1

Quick summary: Dealt KK, I decided to call a reraise rather than reraise (mainly to hide my hand). On a harmless looking low card (but flushy) flop we end up all-in. Opponent had JJ…turn J! Lost 1 buy-in.

Hand 2

Seat 1: Hero ($29.75 in chips) –
Seat 2: Villain 1 ($52.15 in chips) –
Seat 3: Villain 2 ($14 in chips) –
Seat 4: Villain 3 ($38 in chips)
Seat 5: Villain 4 ($22.25 in chips)
Seat 6: Villain 5 ($67.55 in chips)
Villain 1 posts small blind $0.10
Villain 2 posts big blind $0.25
Dealt To: Hero
RAISE Villain 3 ($0.75)
FOLD Villain 4
RAISE Villain 5 ($1.50)
RAISE Hero ($4.50)
CALL Villain 1 ($4.40)
FOLD Villain 2
RAISE Villain 3 ($38) – All in
FOLD Villain 5
CALL Hero ($25.25) – All in (Pot Odds: 1.96:1)
CALL Villain 1 ($33.50)
Pot: $108.25
Pot: $108.25
Pot: $108.25
Villain 1:
MUCK Villain 3
Villain 1 collected $16.5 from side pot 1
Villain 1 collected $88 from main pot


AA (me) v KK v  45s(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) allin preflop. The 45s guy was hyperaggressive and he was last in the pot (ie not a semibluff-type allin)! Runner runner flush on river.

These 2 hands had total pots of $159..

If I won these 2 hands I am down 2 buyins over 3 days rather than 8.

I feel that this crap has been happening all year. Sometimes I hate this game and am sure that I could not do it as a career. If you include the hand in this post ( ), that is a swing of $241 in just 3 hands this month where I was favourite.

To me these 2 hands are analagous to Obama going into the election with an 8 point lead, the Republicans just winning, McCain having a heart attack on the day and whammo…Sarah Palin is President.


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